About Us


We are Becki and Adam. We own the Black Bear. You'll find one of us there most days. Becki is usually running around the kitchen or talking to people about food, and Adam is often talking up old ladies or enjoying a cappuccino. You might catch a glimpse of a couple of very short and extremely cute people in there from time to time. Those are our children, Bear and Jasper.


The Black Bear has been our labor of love for many years. We are passionate about great coffee, local products, and fresh food with integrity that makes you feel good. 


It has been extremely gratifying to have our spot become a place of such strong community. Our crew is a close knit group of adventurers, and our Denali family. We are all bound by our profound love of Alaska, and the way it makes you feel to be here. Once you step into this wilderness, you'll know what I mean.


We love what we do. Come sit and grab a cup of coffee or a local brew and share your stories with us. We hope you feel welcome here. Can't wait to see you.